I’m Till, managing director of a small Hamburg-based company called Eight Days A Week. I like to create all sorts of things. All the time.

I work as a digital designer with a strong focus on UX and UI design, workflows and closing the gaps between design and development. I create fully functional prototypes for testing, write production-ready UI-Components for seamless integration into the tech-stack. I do user-centric product design, usually combining canvases like Product Field, Business Canvas Model and related methods. Call me polymath.

In my free time I support the Clean Ocean Project, a NGO from Fuerteventura that raises awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans. I volunteer as a patron with the Silicon Pauli Patrons Program, a network of digital design specialists supporting unfunded startups. I also work in my studio Hemme creating non-digital products like furniture, cushions and a range of zero-waste products called CleanClean.

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